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Private Ayurveda & Yoga Experiences 
Now offering private yoga and meditation instruction in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. Your group can focus on mind, body and spirit with private yoga sessions at your Hocking Hills rental cabin. Choose from one of the following options, for groups of 6 or more.

• Meditative Yin Yoga Practice
• Rest and Restore Yoga with Aromatherapy  

• Deep restful Yoga with sound bath (exclusive!)
• Approchable Ayurveda for self-care 

Call or text 720-250-6669 for
more information or to schedule your experience

Ayurvedic Consultations

Jeannie is now offering virtual and in-person Ayurvedic consultations. Each consultation consists of an initial intake and assessment. You'll be supported in your journey to bring balance in your mind, body and spirit as we discuss your needs and current state of mind and assess your lifestyle. Next, Jeannie will offer suggestions on simple, yet profound ways to help bring balance and a greater sense of well-being through this 5,000 year old system of medicine that makes so much sense in modern times!


The initial consultation includes

• 1-2 hour assessment and consultation time

• One specialized herbal tea or extract, designed especially for you

• Suggestions on simple yet profound ways to help bring balance through lifestyle,

bodywork, sleep habits, daily routine, exercise suggestions and food choices, all specifically

designed for you.

• Additional herbal suggestions, if needed. 

• Access to meditation link to help guide your daily practice 

After working with these suggestions for at least 3 weeks, we'll schedule a follow-up appointment  further assist you on your wellness journey. At this time, you'll have an opportunity to check in and see how things are going, and to make changes as needed.

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